Central Library

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

V.S.S.D. College Library offers an extensive range of recourses and services to support teaching and learning. The Central library is a three storied building of a total carpet area of 11272 sq.ft. The library was established in the year 1925 and its first librarian and first Prof. in charge library were Mr. K.C.Gupta & Mr.K.S.Bhatnagar respectively. The library is open between 08:00Am to 6:00 Pm on every working day.

Till December 2015 total collection of books in the library was 128755. A library member also gets online access to Questa online Library which has 70,000 Books and 12,000 Journals. One can also access N-List online Library with 98000+ebooks and 7000+e journals