Central Library

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

Periodicals Division

Aim of this section is to provide inspiration, recreation and current information to the readers. Due to vast knowledge explosion, newspapers and periodicals literature has a very important place these days in all fields whether it is Engineering and Technology, Science, Arts or Humanities because readers more often get current information from periodical literature rather than books.

Here readers have access to wide range of journals and magazines, newspapers and topics of relevant interest. For research purposes, several periodicals are got bounded time to time and annually. Current issue of the journals and magazines are being displayed on the display rack.

Library subscribes too many national and international periodicals. At present, Library has subscribed 1950 Periodicals print, print + online and online version and 12 Newspapers in print version. Further, nearly 10,000 Journals in various fields are available online through N_LIST. Back issues of subscribed print version periodicals are kept as record and act as valuable source of information.