Central Library

Vikramajit Singh Sanatan Dharma College, Kanpur

General Library Rules

  • The Central Library, V.S.S.D. College, Kanpur follows an open access system to catalogue except text books in the reserve section.

  • Library is following Dewey decimal classification scheme (000 – 999) for the shelf arrangement of books. 

  • While entering the library, readers should leave their personal belongings, such as bags, brief-cases, personal books and parcels near the counter reserved for this purpose. However, they can carry loose papers note books and Laptop (without bag).

  • Switch off your mobiles while entering the library.

  • Books or other materials taken from the stacks should not be re-shelved by the readers. Books should be left on the reading table after use. (Please remember that a document misplaced is a document lost).

  • Readers should maintain peace in the library and should not disturb other users in any way.

  • Smoking and eatable items are strictly prohibited.

  • Chairs and tables should not be disturbed from their position.

  • Users should avoid resting their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, window sills.

  • Readers leaving the library should allow the library/security staff to examine reading material their personal belongings.

  • Issued materials should be protected from Rain, Dust, Insects, etc.

  • Readers should not deface, mark, cut, mutilate or damage library material in any way. If anyone is found doing so, he/she will be charged the full replacement cost of the material.

  • Change in Department, Status, E-mail, Address etc. to be informed.

  • Personal papers and non-library materials should not be left unattended on tables.

  • Do not move books/journals from its specific area to another area.

  • Do not give Id-card to others.

  • The holder of ID-Card is responsible for any book issued against it as shown by library records.

  • If one book of a set is damaged or lost, the member concerned shall be liable to replace the whole set.

  • If a book is not returned to the Library when due, an overdue penalty of Rs. 10/- per volume per day will be charged.

Please Do:

  • Outsiders should sign the register kept at the Check point, while entering the library.

  • Show the documents which are being taken out of the library, to the staff at the check point.

  • Contact the staff on duty/section staff for any queries.

  • Keep the Library premises tidy.